Ultrasonic cleaning at home? Easily! I'll tell you about the scraper. How did I manage without it before.

Good afternoon.

For a long time I wanted to buy some gadget that would allow me to do my own face cleaning at home. I even bought myself a special spoon and a vacuum. For me, all this turned out to be inapplicable, but such a scraper turned out to be quite an effective thing.

So. I saw it in some review on my favorite site Airecomend, in the review this gadget was praised, and I immediately ordered it. I have been using it for about two months now, so I have already concluded its effectiveness. I will talk about the device and its effectiveness, I will write a separate review about the process of ultrasonic cleaning later.

Name. I will write the name indicated exactly on Aliexpress. Ultrasonic Cleaning Facial Massager Ultrasonic Cleaning Fieezoe Ultrasonic Facial Scraper, USB Blackhead Remover, Facial Massager, Acne Skin Care, Peeling, Cavitation.

At the same time, the site on the device itself indicates the name Fieezoe, but on the received device there is no such name, and the instructions indicate a completely different name. All in all.

Price. I bought in the region of 1,000 rubles. There are many such scrapers, they differ only in appearance, and some of them have a display. I think anyone can order.


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The scraper came in a very decent package , I did not even expect such a decent appearance. All inscriptions are made in English. On one side of the package, technical characteristics, network capacities, etc. are indicated.


On one side, the functions of this device are indicated. There are 4 in total: cleaning itself, negative / positive ions, and a massager.


The kit includes : the scraper itself, a USB cable for charging, and instructions. Everything is neatly packaged, looks no worse than branded ones, which are sold much more expensive.


The ultrasonic cleaning machine itself looks very nice. I ordered it in mint, but there is also white and pink. The device is rounded, fits very comfortably in the hand. The plastic is smooth and pleasant to the touch. Doesn't look cheap.


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There is a simple plastic cover on top . It does not contain any magnetic elements. but it still sits tight. and won't fly off. And the shape of the device is narrow, which also contributes to a good fastening of the lid. Certainly. you don’t carry such things with you in your purse, but it wouldn’t open in it either.


The control is done with one big button. To turn on the scraper, you need to press and hold it. Then all 4 indicators will light up. Further, to switch between modes, you need to press short presses on the same button. Then only the indicator of the selected mode will light up. Everything is simple here, it is unrealistic to get confused.


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Under the cover is the scraper itself. This is a wide and thin spatula made of metal. it is not elastic, does not bend, that is, again, of high quality. The only thing is, I would prefer a narrower blade, but all such scrapers are on Ali, and branded ones, with such wide blades. That is, it is the standard. The blade has two sides.


As I understand it, you use the sharp side for cleaning, and the flat side for massage. Here again, everything is intuitive.


Initially, the scraper comes fully charged, this charge was enough for me for two procedures. Comes with a USB cable that does not have a "head". So keep that in mind.


Also included is an instruction manual in English. Everything is described in detail here. I understood for myself. that I will use only the cleaning function. I don’t really believe in these positive / negative ions, and even in such a massage.


Before I show and talk about the use of this gadget, a few words about my skin, and attitude towards facial cleansing. I have combination skin with enlarged pores. It is extremely rare for any inflammation or negative reactions to occur. The skin is thick and not sensitive, so I'm not afraid to experiment.

Before (in my distant youth) I used to do face cleansing quite often, it was my standard care. About once every 3 months for sure. I always did a combined one, because I thought that ultrasonic cleaning is not cleaning at all. and refresh the skin. I still think so, which is why I bought this scraper. That is, in my opinion, this is just a light cleansing of the pores, which can be done weekly, and not to clean problem skin. What am I writing here for? And besides, I decided that I would clean my face once a week with this scraper, and just not let it get dirty (namely, pores and blackheads).

At home, I carry out the whole procedure: first, I wash my face (even if it is without makeup) with my favorite remedy specifically for removing pollution of the day, and sebum from the skin.. Then I do peeling, at the moment I use remedy for Teana. Then I apply a steaming mask, I like it, but I won’t mind. if anyone can recommend another. Perhaps with a specialized mask specifically for cleaning, the effect will be even better.

Right after that. as I washed off the steaming mask, I quickly begin to use the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Yes, it would probably be more efficient. if I would wash off the mask in parts, so that the pores would not have time to close, but I feel so uncomfortable.

So, I turn on the device in the "cleansing" mode and begin to drive the sharp side of the scapula over the nose, chin, and forehead.

I press hard , not sparing myself. The shoulder blade is not scratched, no injuries remain on the skin. Never had any negative skin reaction.

In the process of cleaning 
, the device buzzes, and a slightly ionic smell comes from it , so light specific, it is impossible not to recognize it.

It can be seen with the naked eye how sebum is released from the pores, and the pores become lighter. Sometimes the fat even shot off a little during the first procedure, then the skin was no longer so polluted.


The procedure itself takes about 8 minutes. It feels very similar to the one that is done in the salon. The same pressure on the skin, the same feeling of scraping the skin.

Immediately after the procedure, you can see that the skin has become cleaner, the black dots have brightened, and are "empty". So there is definitely a cleaning effect, and if you constantly maintain the skin in this state, then cleaning in the cabin will not be needed anymore.

Immediately after the procedure, the skin looks red, it can be seen that it has been scratched well. But there are no injuries. The main thing is that the pores are clean.

Then I still apply serum, and other care, but since I am writing a review on the device. and not for cleaning, then I think a description of this process will be inappropriate here. I will only note that after the serum, I switch the ultrasonic device to the massage mode, turn the shoulder blade over with the other side and drive it along the massage lines.


I do not use the functions of switching negative and positive ions . This is the so-called phonophoresis. Supposed. that you can apply a mask, or a nourishing cream on the skin, and use these buttons so that the product penetrates deeper into the skin. Tried but didn't see a difference. And I'm too lazy to do something from which I do not see the result. Therefore, I just need a cleansing, and sometimes a massage.

After cleansing, literally after 10 minutes, I already look quite normal, and after an hour, the skin looks like it should. That is, you can go "to people", the view is quite normal.


So, I'm very happy with my purchase. I liked this ultrasonic cleaning device, it really cleanses the skin, does not injure, and is quite capable of replacing salon ultrasonic cleaning. I think. that if at home like this once a week or less often to clean the face, then the combined cleaning will not be needed.
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